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Explore (some of) My Work

Below you will find examples of audio podcasts, video podcasts, and podcast decks I have produced. All my work is focused on a high-quality end product, no matter the starting point. I work best with people who are passionate about their projects and think the details matter.



I was responsible for all post-production, sound design, and editing of the shows in this playlist. Other work I did on some of these shows includes recording, pre-production research, cover art creation, video, and audio repair of FBI tapes from the 1980s.



I produced all audio, video, and graphic elements in this playlist of videos. In addition, I coached the on-site production team of Sloane Knows! to get a higher-quality shot and better framing.


Podcast Decks

I designed all elements of these decks and did the research and base copy for the Rock Origins, deck.

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