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Are you tired of spending countless hours editing and perfecting your podcast episodes? Looking for a one-stop solution for podcast management, editing, video production, and sound design needs?


Yes? Well, you’re in the right place. Welcome! Grab a cup of tea and close the window to that audio editor you never bothered to learn, we are here to help.


We understand the importance of creating high-quality content that engages and captivates your audience, and, more importantly, we understand how critical your time is in the creation of that content. By outsourcing your podcast post-production work to us, you'll be able to focus on what you do best - creating great content. Our team of professionals will handle all the technical aspects of post-production, giving you the time and energy you need to take your show to the next level and consistently deliver for your audience.

We take podcasting seriously and so do the clients we work with. If you are tired of guessing if your content will stand out, be able to compete with studio-backed shows, or want to launch your show on a solid foundation book a free discovery call today. 

Package Options 

Ready to Sound Better?

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  • Content Editing
    The removal, rearranging, or partial modification of the words, timing, and music in a podcast recording. As an example: coughs, dog barks, retaken lines, bloopers, etc. These are things we will remove. If you wish for something you said at the end of your podcast episode to instead appear at the beginning of your podcast episode, this is something we would rearrange. We’ll also remove awkward silences or long pauses. If there’s music that needs to be placed under certain portions of discussion or narration, we will place these items during the editing process (to include introduction music, midrolls, and outro music).
  • Audio Repair
    Recording environments are not always ideal. Ground loops, for example, could cause a hum or buzz throughout your entire recording. Or, perhaps, you didn’t realize until later that there were random clicks or pops in your recording because your microphone wasn’t firmly plugged into your audio interface device. We can’t completely fix these things (no one can) but “Audio Repair” refers to the process by which we attempt to reduce the presence of these sorts of things. If you recording your podcast outside during a thunderstorm, we couldn’t “remove the storm”, but we could do something to make it a little less distracting. Audio Repair is about reducing the perceptibly of irremovable issues/artifacts within an audio recording.
  • Audio Engineering
    Where “Content Editing” is all about the things you said, Audio Engineering is all about managing the quality of the sound of what you said. This includes the equalization of your voice, reduction of breaths, spectral denoising, mouth declicking, and all the things related to making your audio as clear and intelligible as possible.
  • Normalization
    In almost every medium that has audio, from film to youtube, audio is “normalized” to ensure the does not exceeds a certain threshold of percieved loudness. Why is this important? So that from song to song, netflix show to netflix show, the perceived loudness of what’s being heard by a listener or viewer is consitent. You've probably experienced a podcast that was "really quiet" and required you to crank your volume knob in your car or on your headphones, then gotten shocked when the next thing you play is way to loud and you have to turn your volume knob back to where it was before that quiet podcast. Unlike Netflix and radio, podcast are not regulated, the standards are still being established. However, that doesn’t mean people don’t want or need that same consistency in loudness between podcast episodes. We normalize all audio to the platform for which it is intended, for podcast that nuimber is between -16LUFS +/-1, LUFS being a measure of percived loudness.
  • ID3 Tagging
    All files have metadata embedded in them. Things like the time it was created, the number of bytes it contains, or the runtime (if it’s audio or video). ID3 data is data that audio players (and other software) can access in order to display it on a screen. When you turn on the radio in your car or connect your phone to play audio, and your radio screen identifies the album art, the song title, and the artist – that’s ID3 tagging. This metadata can also contain copyright information, notes, and other useful information.
  • Consultation
    We want you to sound as good as you can so you can represent your brand/project in the best light. We will work with you to find the best-recording methods, equipment, and provide continuous feedback on how you might improve your show as we work together. Podcasting is a fast growing industry, things are constantly changing. We keep track of that so you don't have to.
  • Custom Audiograms
    Audiograms are short videos that highlight a key moment in your episode to bring listeners in. There are services which provide audiogram generators, but the often are limited in terms of customization. We will workl with you to create a custome template for your podcast that fits your needs. Of course, if you already use a audiogram generator and are happy with the results, it is your choice to continure to use it, witht he option to have it managed for you as well.
  • Show Notes
    Podcast show notes are a written account of what happened during an episode and additional resources that take the content one step further. The additional resources can include links to articles mentioned during an episode, guest bios and social links, videos, and relevant calls to action. There are different formats we will discuss during the onboarding process to find the one to best fit your show's needs. Show notes are also an important tool for SEO on your website and for orgnic growth overtime.
  • Scheduling and Release Management
    The uploading, scheduling, and publishing of your podcast audio on your preferred podcasting hosting provider (Simplecast, Transistor, Captivate, ect.). This also includes publishing of show notes, artwork, etc. to your show's website as well.
  • AI Transcription
    We provide all clients with an autogenerated transcript, these are about 90-95% accurate.
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